Tech+ is a two days technical program designed by Zealtech technical expert team. Our expert team is a combination of well experienced professor from polytechnics, engineering institutions and industry experts with more than 25 years of experience in electronics field.


Tech+ is conducted during the beginning of 3rd semester wherein the students steps into the world of electronics.

Tech+ is focused on fundamentals of electronics right from the scratch. Students are given live exposure on various components and devices used in the industries and its purpose of usage, as they have to live with these components and devices throughout their course.

Thorough knowledge transfer by tech+ team on test and measuring instruments - its purpose, usage and handling which makes the students to be friendly with the instruments throughout their course.


Tech+ is a unique training program that acts as a supplement to the curriculum based learning to sharpen the understanding and enabling the students to think and innovate themselves. These are catalytic value added training programs that provides the much needed enthusiasm for the students to convert a new idea in to a complete project.