Electronic Devices and Circuits

Anyone pursuing electronics course has to get his fundamental knowledge on the electronic devices and circuits. Without a thorough understanding of the basics, one cannot become a successful electronics engineer.

Present Scenario

Traditionally, trainer kits and breadboards are used in devices and circuits labs. Of late there is growing opinion against use of trainers. The author of this document has attended one of the NBA committee meetings where the inspectors were critical of use of trainers which does not expose students to the concepts. Therefore the professors and faculty have picked up the other available alternate that is breadboard.

Using breadboards

Breadboard is a innovative product and technique. The components are issued from the stores and the student can rig up the circuit in the breadboard and complete the study of the circuit. This is quite effective way compared to trainers.


The engineering education is undergoing a critical phase. The hitherto upheld methods and practice are being questioned by parents and students who are more aware and concerned. The shear number of students handled by the engineering colleges is growing rapidly. Institutions who were handling 60 students in a year in BE ECE course are now admitting 300 students and more.

There is tremendous pressure on the present system to cope up with the growing demand. Also there is dearth of qualified faculty members with required experience to teach and guide the students. In this light if you view the method of bread boarding, it miserably fails to meet the need, as it assumes perfectly working components, better faculty to student ratio, qualified lab instructors and faculty, and self motivated students.


Zealtech Workbench based labs address all the above concerns. It saves time to complete an experiment by 25% and delivers better learning/understanding. It motivates the students as they get an opportunity to do more than simple functional verification and learn some of the design aspects.

Components of a Zealtech Workbench Lab

1. Intuitively designed and Ergonomically laid Work center

2. Instrument Cluster with test and measuring instruments

3. Breadboard, PCBs, Components, Accessories and Cables

4. Authentic Content – Workbooks, manuals and datasheets

5. ELS Software for content delivery over LAN

6. Simulation Software with schematics and practice procedure