Company Profile

The world at the door steps of the new information age, is undergoing rapid changes in all spheres. The set values and standards of the industrial era is leaving way to the new human thinking that is more broad based and rightly characterized by Alvin Toffler in his words “… the illiterates of the information age will not be those who cannot read or write; but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn…”.

The need to simplify

Electrical and Electronics Engineering continues to transform the way we live - from the latest consumer products through to sophisticated scientific and Industrial technologies. These courses encompass an exciting range of topics that is meant to develop wide ranging skills that are in great demand in the industry. The mandate undergraduate program in engineering is to empower the student with knowledge and ability to solve problems, design and develop new applications. We seldom find it to do so.

Why? We understood from our research that there is a “need to simplify” due to the following reasons.

  • Dynamic curriculum / Syllabus - More to learn Vs Less time
  • Heterogeneous input of students
  • Shortage of qualified/trained faculty for consistent content delivery
  • Infrastructure – Obsolescence, calibration and assessment (time consuming)
  • Fast changing industry demand


Zealtech Electromec India Private Limited (ZEALTECH) is a company that has a clear vision and is a well defined mission to address the need arising out of this paradigm shift in the higher education sector, engineering education in particular.

Complete and optimized solution for electronics learning

Zealtech offers complete solution to meet all the electronics engineering learning requirements for an institution. The labs are designed in such as way that the needs of different circuit branches such as EEE, ECE, E&I, Computer Science and IT branches can be effectively managed with the infrastructure which increases the resource utilization and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Help them connect the dots

A great teacher inspires the students to learn systematically and help his experience the concepts while learning. The changing dynamics of the industry and the curriculum makes it difficult to adapt quickly and deliver. Given a heterogeneous flock of students from the smart to the average, latest tools and methods have become an inevitable part of the classroom.

The key is how the content is delivered. In engineering education, the relevance of technology in real life application will help the student discover the purpose of learning. That is exactly the role of a teacher. He helps them connect the dots. The “Zealtech workbench” is integrated lab solution that helps the teacher to prepare students for practical learning through a thoroughly researched lab process that effectively delivers the required knowledge

Connect to the future

Choosing to study Electrical and/or Electronic Engineering is a smart move. Fascinating and challenging - it’s at the heart of technology and the world today. It is important to realize that the engineering education the student has acquired is a powerful tool in his hand. What he’ll do with it has relevant with how he was taught. If he was taught with real life applications, he will be able to comprehend and co-relate technology and its uses and be empowered to design and innovate. He’ll connect to the future.